How happy is the blamelesvestal's lot? The world forgetting lby the world forgot. Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, each prayer accepted and each wish resigned. -Alexander Pope.

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10. July 2014

I’m so grateful to have fashion in my life, to pursue my dreams and my hopes, even though sometimes I can feel the total opposite. This is not where I expected to see myself in life working in retail a year after I graduated in fashion. At times I can have a moment of weakness and feel like a failure, that feeling that I get that says I should have listened to my parents and pursue a career they wanted me to do, instead of following my hopes and dreams.

I work hard in my job and in my spare time, I always follow my heart. However I should learn to follow my head at times ! No doors has opened for me in the industry, my life is just waiting for the perfect door to open to start a career. My work life is just part of my life, but it’s the part that matters most to me, it’s the part that shapes who I am as a person and woman.

Failure is not failing in life, it’s learned from your mistakes and habits and changing them to success, but takes time. The day I die is the day when I realize I lived a successful and fulfilled life.

"Die in love, live forever."

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