How happy is the blamelesvestal's lot? The world forgetting lby the world forgot. Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, each prayer accepted and each wish resigned. -Alexander Pope.

16. September 2014

It’s like everything I do is always wrong. I’ve been called stupid and idiot about 10 times in one day, I’ve been told to quit my job and not give them a 2 weeks notice, I’ve been given the biggest headache in life when someone comes in my room talking loudly in my room and turning on the bright lights, I’ve been told not to posts some opinions on Facebook, I have to keep the BIGGEST secret of life for the longest time this summer, and yet everything I do I still get yelled at no matter what anyone else says or does I’M THE ONE who gets yelled at I just don’t get it and it’s pretty predictable at this point….

1. September 2014